Who We Support

Hand to Paw (H2P) Temple Dog Outreach

We are raising money to help them with much needed immunizations, sterilizations, medical and healthcare supplies plus emergency medical treatments as currently these are all paid for by Hand to Paw fundraising efforts, donations from the public, and K9Aid International who they work in conjunction with on their mission to rescue and care for homeless, street and temple dogs. 
They are group of animal-loving, service oriented volunteers and students working together to promote a sustainable, healthy dog population in our community temples. They provide much needed love and care to homeless street dogs a work tirelessly to ensure they have secure and healthy environment in which to live. They also work to educate both students and locals against animal cruelty and stress the importance about what dog and cat sterilizations, immunizations and basic healthcare can have on our community.  We hope to help them to spread the word about this program so that other school or individuals around Thailand will follow our lead and adopt a temple to care for!

For more informaion please visit - https://k9aid.org/hand-to-paw/ 

Elephant Nature Park Dog Project

We are raising money to help the beautiful dogs at Elephant Nature Park have a better chance of finding their forever homes. ENP work hard to find their dogs a loving forever home and although they have adopted over 100 dogs this year this still leaves over 400 without homes and their only real chance of adoption is the volunteers that come to visit the park. Luckily we have some kindhearted friends who are able to provide them temporary homes and care in their shelters in the States, this way people can come and fall in love with these amazing dogs and provide them with the loving homes they so badly deserve. They have already raised over $3000 but are short of their $5000 goal. The aim is to send 20 dogs off for adoption, with a goal to send 5 dogs off to LIFE Animal Rescue, in southern California, and 15 dogs off to Underdogs Animal Rescue, in Colorado. Lets work together and give these dogs a chance at the life they deserve.  

For more information please visit - https://www.saveelephant.org/dogproject/ 

Santisook Dog and Cats

We aim to raise money to help with sterilisation, medical supplies and veterinary costs which are vital for the survival of the dogs rescued by Santisook. 

They are a non profit Pro Life group of people who's aim is to prevent cruelty, promote kindness and alleviate the suffering of cats and dogs in Chiang Mai. 
Thieir main activity is sterilisation in order to reduce the numbers of unwanted puppies and kittens, giving the sterilised animal the chance of a longer healthier life. They educate people as to why sterilisation and vaccination is good for their pet. 

One of the main reasons dogs and cats don't receive medical care is that vet costs are extremely high in proportion to the national average wage and very many people find that they simply can't afford vet care. They help to bridge this gap for them.

They work in Temples and local communities to find workable solutions to dog and cat related problems and, where possible, (and safe), arrange for the animal to stay in it's home environment. When this isn't possible, they remove the dog or cat to the safety of their shelter where they offer a life time home if necessary.. All of their cats and dogs are available for adoption. They welcome visits to our shelters.

For more information please visit - www.santisookdogsandcats.org 

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Be Their Voice - Become a Volunteer

We followed one of our Founder's Lisa to Chaing Mai when she volunteered at ENP's Dog Project...

We hope by watching this you understand why we volunteer and want to be part of the experience too! 

For information on how to become a flight volunteer please contact us. We are here to help.